Marshmallow Rolls



Fruits Dough
1000g Strawberry Puree Crops
100g Sugar
26g Yellow Pectin Patis France
850g Sugar
250g Glucose Patis France
7g Citric Acid


189g Trimoline Patis France
4g Vanilla Arome Patis France
426g Sugar
132g Trimoline Patis France
41g Water
35y Fish Gelatin Bano
173g Water

Fruits Dough
Place the puree on 40ºC the mix the small quantity
of sugar with the pectin and add to the puree. When
the temperature reached 80ºC we add the sugar to
the glucose and keep heating until we reach 106 ºC
then add the citric acid and spread on the tray.


Mix the gelatin with cold water and leave it to rest
for 10 minutes. Boil the larger quantity of trimoline
with the vanilla and water on 110 ºC.
Add the gelatin with the second amount of
trimoline in the mixer then add the hot mixture to
them. Spread the mixture on the tray and roll then
cut as desired.

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